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Thank you! :))

rebekahmikkaelson replied to your post “rebekahmikkaelson replied to your post “i just watched divergent…”

now i’m not so sure that i want to read them :(
oh sorry :S they weren’t that bad, just compared to the first one. it’s not my favorite trilogy, but i was curious about what happens next and i don’t regret reading it overall :)

rebekahmikkaelson replied to your post “i just watched divergent because of you and now i’m addicted. ugh, i hate when this happens. :))”

i’m on it. almost missed the stop where i was supposed to get off…

:) well personally i’m glad i’ve read the first book before the movie it was really good. the second and the third book on the other hand not so much…

omg i just realized that the fact i’m going to Budapest also means that i can watch TFIOS! i’m just so so excited, i know probably everyone saw it already, but when i had a chance to see it i was on a holiday, and i live in narnia etc., but now i’ll see it omg! :)

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